Alex Linnell

SUP-porting the Mississippi Project

Alex Linnell, who will be the first person to ever stand-up paddle (SUP) the length of the Mississippi River, begins his trip June 1, 2011 from the headwaters at Lake Itasca in Minnesota. Best estimates make this trip between 60 and 90 days long (duration depending on water depth and current speed following the spring flooding). While the actual length of the Mississippi River differs depending on who you ask, most sites typically put the distance around 2350-2400 miles. The current SUP distance record is held by Tom Jones, who paddled 1507 miles from Key West to NYC in the summer of 2010.

For those interested in viewing detailed navigational maps of the Mississippi River, check out the following links:

MN-DNR maps for the Mississippi River North of the Twin Cities:

The Army Corps of Engineers Upper Mississippi Maps (Twin Cities. MN to Cairo, IL)

The Army Corps of Engineers Lower Mississippi Maps (Cairo, IL to the Gulf of Mexico)